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What is Oji Fox Parade?

In 2017, Oji Fox Parade will celebrate its 25th anniversary since the first parade was made in 1993.

According to an old folktale, foxes from the various regions in Japan wore human clothes and made pilgrimage at Oji Inari Shrine. Hiroshige Utagawa (1797-1858) , one of the well known ukiyoe painters in the Edo Period painted Oji Foxes inspired by the tale.

The objective of Oji Fox Parade is to reproduce the world painted by Hiroshige, to educate culture and history of Oji to the younger generation and to invigorate the Oji town. On every 31st December, people dress like fox will make a parade from Shozoku Inari Shrine to Oji Inari Shrine (around 1 km).


25th Anniversary Fox Mask

To celebrate the special year, 25th anniversary, we released hand-made fox masks. They are the fruit of deliberate discussions throughout 2017 between Oji Fox Parade Association and Tomoko Sakai, pottery artist from Sakai Pottery Art School.

Oji Fox Mask- male Oji Fox Mask- female

Size:W14cm- L20cm- H9cm
Material: Oven-bake clay
Price 3,000JPY

Size:W14cm- L20cm- H9cm
Material: Oven-bake clay
Price 3,500JPY

The 25th anniversary fox mask was produced only 120 piece (male:100 and female 20). The masks have been available at Ishinabe Shoten near Oji Inari Shrine, Utuwa no Yamawa and Ark Hotel near Shozoku Inari Shrine since December 2017.

They will be also available at a temporary shop beside Shozoku Inari's Shrine Office (near Shozoku Inari Shrine) on 31st December 2017.

Please note it will be sold on "first come, first serve" basis. Do not miss this opportunity!

Should you have inquires on our products, do not hesitate to contact us or drop email to us!

Details for 2017 Oji Fox Parade

  • Date: 31 Dec 2017. Parade will start at midnight.
  • Location: Shozoku Inari Shrine (map)
  • Contact: Oji Ginza Shopping Area Promotion Association. Tel: 03-3919-1962, available at 10:30am to 3pm on Monday to Friday.
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